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Off the beaten path, paradise awaits...

Behind a nondescript facade, the Real Macaw is a delight to discover.

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"This place is a hidden gem everyone should know about. The place has a Key West vibe and a 5 star dinning experience. I know we will go back several times . If you have not been there, you are missing out."
-Bruce, Open Table


"Awesome!!! Loved the drink and wine list. The service was personable. The ambience provides a comfortable experience for either single, double or group fun with various eating venues inside and out, near the bar or on the patio or inside the bar. Very versatile arrangement. The food was outstanding. I had a chicken with a reduced wine cream sauce. Loved it."
-Jules, Open Table VIP


"Have been going to this restaurant for the past 25 years. It is always a pleasure to dine there!"
​-Carl K, Open Table VIP

"Unique take on many standards. Unique sauces, preparations and combinations. I had the duck and it was excellent, best I've ever had at a restaurant. I think I liked it so much because the preparation wasn't the same old same old. Everyone's dishes were excellent. We will be going back."

Andrew-Local Google Guide

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